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Love Heart Arrow Black Wallpaper (Layoutsparks.com)

Love Heart Arrow Black Wallpaper (Layoutsparks.com)

I decided to translate some parts of my spiritual diary from German into the English language.

Between January 2010 and December 2011 I described my everyday experiences with God in a very detailed way that displays how adventurous and surprising it is to walk in the Spirit with God and Jesus; actually, it could easily be compared with the ups and down while riding on a rollercoaster.

Perhaps this whole thing turns out a series – or not, since I never know beforehand what God nudges me to do or write in the very next moment. Well, this entry, at least is kind of the beginning of sharing my detailed records… 😉

January 31, 2010

Some days ago I had a dream which later became reality and, subsequently, I saw an extraordinary vision that is difficult to describe.

Initially, I would dream that I was trying to turn the alarm off, but I failed because the off button was defective. And behold, shortly afterwards, pressing several times on that very thing, I realized that it indeed did not react as it was supposed to. However, for some mysterious reason, the button worked later as if it had never been out of function.

Then I saw the vision as follows.
Still lying in my bed, I suddenly raise my eyes toward the deep gray sky that seems to have opened a little at a certain point, just as if the firmament were only a veil which would merely cloak reality behind.
Staring wide-eyed into the distance where the small blue hole in the sky can be seen, all at once, I give a wince of pain. DEEP PAIN!! Spiritually, at least, since my heart has been struck by an invisible arrow of divine origin. My core has been pierced and sealed with an incredible fiery longing to immediately leave my bed and be there where the pain comes from. And indeed, despite my aching and burning heart, I feel that Heaven violently draws my whole being far away from the earth. No, not Heaven, in fact, it is God’s immense supernatural love that attracts me irresistibly like a huge electromagnet a small iron filing…….

The intensity of that yearning, or rather desire, to be ONE with God was of an extreme extent. There is no human longing which could be compared with such an almost unbearable rupture of your very heart. A few moments longer and Susanne would have surely died (sooo gladly at that, too 🙂 ).

To be continued – Lord willing