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Divine Dust Disclosed (Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

Divine Dust Disclosed (Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

Some years ago I tried to put into words what usually cannot be put into words. Therefore I wrote several poems in German which hint to the spiritual reality of those things that are normally hidden to the physical eye. Although the natural mind cannot grasp the depths of God, His Spirit is able to strike a chord in us that finally will make us grasp the beauty of divine love.

Now I try to translate one of those poems that describe God’s loving embrace through which He makes us His eternal possession. God as the lover of our souls is indeed yearning to make us feel and see that we are His cherished and beloved Bride. Here’s a part of that poem which I changed (a lot) while translating it by including some deeper experiences of the following years [only “a part” of the poem because the original is quite lengthy 😉 ].

The Mystery of God’s Love

You took the soul and said to her,
“My love, do come, and let me stir
Your heart and all that slept so long
Under a veil that seemed so strong

As if there was no final goal
For which I made you and your soul”
Intrigued by You and Your sweet voice
The longing soul knows there’s no choice

But listening to words unknown
Unspoken until now, that tone
Which strikes a chord so deep inside
Where God and soul now do abide

Together as if never torn
Apart by sin, but newly born
Through Love that came from heaven down
Like His sweet dove that lights her crown

Your touch, so longed for by the one
Whom You did love first through Your Son
Leaves her inflamed with sparks divine
She’s set on fire, Your living shrine

No thought disturbs heaven’s embrace
No feelings but Your loving face
That shows You always were the same
Whose love was hers before Christ came

Familiar is all who You are
As if she’s known you from afar
Through human touch, though not that deep
She’s now awake from sinful sleep

To sink into Your shielding arms
Enchanted by Your divine charms
Awareness of all self is gone
Looking at You and Your sweet Son

The Trinity’s no concept ‘more
And Holy Writ lives to the core
In those whose hearts once pierced with pain
Were healed by Him who made them sane

Well, that is interesting, indeed.
First, I wanted to write an ARTICLE about God’s love, not a POEM. Second, I thought I would simply translate the German poem into the English language. But now I see I didn’t. Instead, it’s a new poem, coming from nowhere into being. Only the first two verses remind me (a bit) of the German original.

“Okay, agreed, it seems that I never know what I do on here or elsewhere. Hopefully, God knows…” 😉

Much love to all ❤ ❤ ❤