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Bumblebee Feeding on a Purple Tansy (Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

Bumblebee Feeding on a Purple Tansy
(Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

I found three quotes from Gerhard Tersteegen (*) today of which I think that they are quite enlightening with regards to our true Christian “duties”. From my own experience I can confirm that God freed me from so many things of which I had thought I should do them, either because others expected me to do so or I demanded it of myself. It has been a very long struggle and I am not yet through it all, but sometimes I feel a kind of very quiet peace I have not known before. Immersed into a silence where spoken words and even thoughts come to an end, I discover the subtle power of the omnipresent God that is reflected by all creation. And out of the blue, your whole being knows what LIFE is all about…
Q: “How do we get there?”

(1) Prayer is the entrance to God’s presence

Prayer brings to us blessings which we need, and which only God can give, and which prayer can alone convey to us … This service of prayer is not a mere rite, a ceremony through which we go, a sort of performance. Prayer is going to God for something needed and desired. Prayer is simply asking God to do for us what he has promised us he will do if we ask him … Asking is man’s part. Giving is God’s part. The praying belongs to us. The answer belongs to God.
(Gerhard Tersteegen)

(2) Let us live in our own God-given lives NOW

Let none, however difficult the circumstances, consider himself as debarred from the way of holiness. Have we but God and the cross of Christ, we have the means for becoming altogether holy in our walk and conversation. What dungeon is there that can shut us out from this? Only let us use the present location and means faithfully and truly, taking them from God’s hand, and we shall find him able to free us from all that is really a hindrance. Let us each one desire to be a saint in his own place and calling, instead of building ‘castles in the air’ of future holiness.
(Gerhard Tersteegen)

(3) If we have entered into God’s presence, we already have access to all spiritual blessings that can be had

To walk before God and in His presence is the ground and the costly jewel of true Christian living. I would have you above all things to grasp this firmly, because, when it is rightly understood and practiced, it includes all else.
(Gerhard Tersteegen)

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(*) Text in blue are quotes, the headings are mine