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Here is another part of my series as to discerning the spirits with which we have to do every day. I observed many different evil spirits that guide other Christians who seem to be convinced they are led by the Holy Spirit of God. For almost four years now I only watched this saddening development particularly on the internet. However, lately I felt that I need to speak up more often about the reality behind the scenes. I know that the truth hurts at times, but if we let God do His work in our hearts and minds, there is nothing to fear for us. On the other hand, if we think have no need for correction because we have arrived at a certain (perfected) point of no return, we can be sure that Satan was the author of such a proud conviction. The humble mind of Christ is all we need and looking to Him for advice as to anything we might say or do, that would be enough for the true believer.

As of late Satan keeps attacking me, esp. my health, in order to keep me from writing about these things. Of course, he wants to continue to work in the nebulosity of confusion in order to expand his own destructive kingdom in Christian circles. In my latest posts I already mentioned the overly friendly seducing spirit (the “love-bomber”), the false end time prophet, and the controlling spirit. Today I want to introduce you to the I-have-arrived-and-are-better-than-anyone-else-spirit with which I had to do quite often recently. There are various subgroups (demons), but what they all have in common is that they make the person they have seduced believe to have arrived in a position where all trials would be over and no cross to kill their rebellious self-life would ever be needed any longer.

Yesterday in the morning I had a short vision about how that spirit looks like as I saw a boy of about nine or ten years who was trying to ride his bike uphill (not that steep), yet he could not go on. Like a freeze-frame, I saw him remaining somehow stuck on the street. He was very thin and had no muscles to help him continue his path of life. By the way, as a confirmation of this short vision, I met that boy, for real, many hours later on my own bike ride. He was dressed exactly the same way I had seen him in my vision (all in black with a silver helmet hanging down from his left arm). In my vision he still wore that helmet, but shortly before I really met that boy, the Lord reminded me of that picture again and said, “Take the helmet off.” As I soon afterwards would see that boy who surprisingly passed me on the left, I had to laugh out loud as I saw the helmet hanging down just as the Lord had told me before. 🙂

So, this particular spirit keeps the believer in a continued immature spiritual condition by making him believe there is nothing to do for him any longer. He feels so secure that he takes off his helmet (of salvation) that kept his mind protected so that he now easily falls prey to Satan’s deceitful tricks when he whispers his seducing lies into the immature believer’s open ear. Taking off the helmet means, we think we do not need the Lord’s protection (esp. regarding our mind and thought life) anymore; we are tempted, instead, to believe we could do it all our own way. But that is not the way it was intended by God since Jesus said,

“I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. If anyone does not abide in me he is thrown away like a branch and withers; and the branches are gathered, thrown into the fire, and burned. If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” (Jn 15:5-7 ESV)

Does anyone want to be thrown away into the fire and burned? I don’t think so. In order to help us understand the temptations we might face in our natural man who wants to be seen as spiritual at any cost, I pasted an excerpt by T.A. Sparks below.

Children of God who lean to the soul on any or all of its sides—reason (intellect), emotion (feelings) or will (volition)—will be a ready prey for deception. First of all, such people are already a contradiction of their essential nature as now—by new birth—spiritual. It becomes clear at the outset that they are locked up and a law unto themselves. Their way is the way, and they see no other. As to further light, they are largely unteachable; as to further experience, they are content; as to another course, they cannot conceive of it.

Christians who live in their own mind will often be found occupied with a question. They cannot live without a question or a problem. If one is shattered, they will soon have another. Thus they go ever round in a circle, and come back to their starting point, making no real spiritual progress. Like a horse in the ring, they are whipped and driven, and there is no expanse of life or vision. Or they lash others with their ideas and seek to subject other minds to their own. It may eventuate in some very weird, unsound and untrue conclusions. At length somewhere in this occult position—for it is nothing less—a deception will be found, and Satan’s hand will be seen.

The same thing is true with regard to Christians living on the emotional side of the soul. This side demands experiences, evidences, manifestations. Indeed the whole realm of sense-life governs here. If we intensify and project our emotional side sufficiently, we can have any experience that is possible. The whole body and mind can be involved. Vocal cords or solar plexus may be affected. There may be facial distortions, rigidity, ‘second sight’, visions, extra capabilities, prodigious strength, mirth, ecstasy, etc. All these, from simple beginnings, may come through the psychical or soul-life as extended and strained along the line of intense desire.

If this is true in these two directions, how true it is on the side of the will. A forceful, dominating, assertive soul, not under the government of the Holy Spirit, is a terrible menace to the interests of God. Decisions will be made, courses adopted, objectives secured, positions occupied, in the name of devotion to God, which will be Towers of Babel, Pyramids of Egypt, Ishmaels of Abram (not Abraham). There will be a good deal of remorse bound up with these achievements eventually, and a wish that they had never been. The result will be something false, and many may be involved in the tragedy.

If there is a combination of a strong soul-life with an acute and needle-like brain the supreme peril is that of grasping the deeper implications and meanings of Divine truth, so that it seems to be revelation. Thus, through the soul there is an imitation revelation, which is really only keen natural insight. Usually, when the soul is strong along one line, we shall find it strong in other directions, and so the craving for a sense of power will not be far away. This keen insight, this quick or acute grasp of things, will demand as its complement an opportunity to exhibit itself, and this in its outworking will be to bring others under its influence. The test of genuine revelation is as to whether the one concerned is manifestly well crucified to a desire for power, position, influence. Can that one be resisted, assailed, thwarted, rejected, without in some form seeking to come out even or on top? An element of personal domination or self-vindication will destroy the ministry and discredit the ‘revelation’ of such an one. Oh, the peril of getting hold of Divine truth in order to use it!