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Photo by Sarah Schuberth

To be honest with you, although I was hell-bent on going to bed, quite some time after midnight I felt the strong ‘nudge’ from God to re-publish an older poem of mine, maybe, even two. I do know that this is not my poetry blog and most of my readers prefer reading blog articles instead. Nonetheless, I want to emphasize here, once again, the danger of cherishing any kind of fellowship or friendship, not only with worldly people (which should be clear), but also with those people who are used to meeting on a regular basis where one ought to hear from God. As I have often made clear before, a spirit being who has been birthed from above will, like God, not be predictable in their speaking, writing and doing. We are like the wind if we listen to God’s leading only. So, if we really want to have spiritual relationships first with God and then with one another, too, we do not only need to go away from the world and its pleasures, we should also say ‘Bye bye’ to any regular and obligatory gathering, whatever form it might take (attending church, home church meeting, connecting via internet etc.). The reason for doing so is that we cannot submit to God’s unpredictable leading and to predictable tradition (like preaching or listening to a sermon every Sunday and singing hymns in determined order) at the same time! Either we obey God and cannot be figured by anyone who does not yet have His Spirit, or we submit to another spirit that can be put in a box, a spirit that can be controlled by us. It might be easier and feel better to go on attending meetings with other Christians, but if God does not show up in such a gathering because His Spirit is quenched there, who are we really looking for? 🙄

These might seem to be strong words for some who regularly go to church and are fellowship seekers. However, don’t we think that we are above it all. It is so easy to be influenced by a tiny, seemingly innocent and unimportant, yet wrong spirit that sneaks up on us. How difficult if this person with whom you have to do is part of your family at that! Some of you might know about this problem. Love them, but do not submit to them if they usurp authority over you! Dear brothers and sisters, I experienced this approach from demons so often during these last more than two years of having been taught by God about discerning the spirits that I, honestly, am fed up with communicating with other people on their level if it is not God’s way at all. Today I know that we need to, even MUST close the door to the wrong spirits immediately!! If we don’t, we will be affected whether we want it or not. Confusion sets in, we begin to struggle and doubt regarding truths that seemed to be clear to us before. We might even despair due to anxiety or panic attacks from demons that were permitted to do so since WE disobeyed God.

Eventually, the poems I will copy and paste below deal with the following two problems. The first poem points out the expendability of a preacher who is not used to being led by God. The second poem then highlights the main falsities of today’s churches. I hope you can take these strong words I used in my poems as well.


A preacher who did never pray
Would surely not have much to say
But platitudes and human stuff
Of such bullshit we had enough

No yes-man and no moralist
No self-made man evangelist
No loveless grumpy chatterbox
No faceless coward and no ox

Who’s drawn by selfishness and fame
To play that ugly demon’s game
A man who thinks that dark is light
And trusts in reason’s fooling might

With these tin soldiers, we’re fed up
Up to the brim they filled the cup
For all those hungry, thirsting souls
Who do not know what are their goals

If all those preachers don’t repent
Their preaching will come to an end
God doesn’t need such lifeless talk
He needs a man who shares His walk

Down on his knees he’ll hear His voice
That softly shuts out all that noise
Which springs from human worrying
And fear, and pain, and earthly thing

The Lord alone knows how to preach
And that our hearts are out of reach
Whenever shallow talk comes up
In churchly social gospel club

Please, pray, and preach as you are led
After your soul by God was fed
With divine wisdom and His sword
That lifts men up who know the Lord

Discernment and compassionateness
Will help you bring to end all mess
And finally all men will see
This is a man with Heaven’s key



Those who are aliens here on earth
Endure tormenting pangs of birth
They make the call to share their pains
Alas, the whore is bound in chains
She’s looking for applause of crowds
The prophets though are His ‘all-outs’

They call the stout to leave the wall
So they can hear the desert’s call
That calls for you and me, my friend
To leave that church which is a blend
Of truth and lies we might not see
And if we stay, we won’t get free

God calls us to the narrow path
So that we may escape His wrath
That is to come so very soon
When sun is darkened, and the moon
Where you can hear the weak one say
“He strengthened me, I’m on His way”

Don’t we reject the voice we hear
Through prophets’ words and by our ear
They urge us that we make our choice
And listen to His longing voice
The Lord’s still speaking to our heart
Because He wills that we take part

In joining them wholeheartedly
Who prayed to Him for eyes to see
The wickedness down to the core
Of Satan’s wife, his bride, his whore
See, all the years she took from Him
The fat, the wool, the sheep at whim

Still there is time for us to come
Unto the Lord before it’s done
The prophets who stand in the breach
Were called for us to pray and preach
Don’t we despise their words that hurt
Since Christ now wants to sift from dirt


If you click on the link to the short video here, you should see and hear some haunting impressions my husband Paul Schuberth created during a thunderstorm in 2012. I hope Paul’s work underlines my message.