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I need to admit that I usually feel a bit embarrassed before I share my visions publicly as they are often both personal and intimate revelations by Jesus Christ and sometimes by God, our Father. Therefore, I almost always need to drop several details that ought to remain private. It is much easier for me to publish another teaching I just learned from the Holy Spirit than to open up as for my whole life with God in the Spirit. Nonetheless, dear reader, I do want to take you a bit deeper into what life in the Spirit with God means for me. Maybe, it is different for you. But as for me, I can only share what I have experienced myself. Well, such ‘visions’ do not happen randomly without me being able to weigh in with my own impressions, whether right or wrong. Rather, it is like walking with Christ 24/7 and on this walk in the light, I tend to see and understand more and more of what He wants to reveal (note: that also happens in dreams). If I am too tired or too busy during the day, I can ask Him to please stop showing me another new thing in the heavenlies until I have recovered again. And it is not so, either, that once I have seen a vision, it would be over. No, this is not the case.

Instead, I can go back to the scenery shown before where God points me to more and more details that I had either not noticed or not comprehended yet. Somehow it is like watching a movie repeatedly with variations in perspective. That, of course, is not possible while watching a normal movie. There you always see the same people, doing the same things, saying what they had already said before and so on. However, it is not so with walking in the spirit, whether you see a vision, or you have a dream, or if you simply live together with God in Christ continually. Furthermore, since God’s timing is not ours, it also occurs that God shares another detail, a Scripture, or further explanation of a vision with me when I am just checking the supermarket chest freezer with my husband while shopping.  😉 Well, life in the spirit is real life that knows no interruptions as it seems and it is sooo very adventurous at that.  🙂

So, here comes the vision that led me to choose the title of the blog. I was standing beside Jesus on a high and grand plateau. You had a great view in every direction from this high elevation. A very bright light illuminated the far distance as well as everything in close proximity. While enjoying a restful state and the liberty of seeing no boundaries anywhere, my attention was drawn to a remarkable mountain which was located on our right side. You could have easily walked over there, but I rather stared at the bottom of this mountain which somehow disappeared in the ocean. In fact, this whole mountain looked like the trunk of a tree while its stony roots reached down under water. Very odd, indeed!  🙄

The calm waters of the sea came from the right side of this mountain and were gathered in a huge bay which surrounded an area that looked almost like a circle. On the left side of the bay there was a long sandy beach with colorful, small houses right behind. At first sight I was reminded of a place in Italy or in Spain. But as soon as I could look at them closer while walking with Jesus on this beach shortly afterwards, I remembered a Dutch line of houses I once admired in the Netherlands. Standing in front of the first pretty house, I started to wonder, though. The whole beach was empty. Nobody left or entered a house. A disconcerting silence spread over this whole place. It got even worse when Jesus led me to the back of the houses. Oh no!!  😳 There were no walls, no rooftops, nothing but a few chairs and tables here and there. Bewilderedly I turned to Jesus because I felt that something went wrong here. Jesus had a serious look on his face, too. He told me to look at the treelike mountain on the opposite side again. What I had not seen before as I focused on the bottom of the mountain only, there was a purple palace on top of the mountain that looked like a fairy tale castle. And what was so strange… This castle appeared to be growing quickly, higher and higher into the sky until there was a sudden stop of its increase.  🙄

Before giving an explanation of the things seen, I want to add that afterwards I was able to check the underground both beneath this Potemkin village and beneath the underwater “roots” of the mountain while diving with Jesus there. To cut this long vision short, I was perplexed to see that there was no supporting fundament in any case. Those pretty houses, or rather façades, were built on sand alone. One giant wave would have been enough to destroy this artificial stage setting. Diving in these murky waters was not fun, either. There was no fish, no plant, only a cloudy dim light which aroused a spooky atmosphere. As we were diving under these huge “roots” of the mountain, they rather looked as if they were made out of iron. Nevertheless, as big as they were, they did not reach the ocean bed at all. Instead, they were hovering in the dark, making the darkness even darker due to the shadows they cast. Between these artificial roots you could reach a cave which led you all up the mountain from the inside. Or in other words, the inside of the mountain was rather a void or an underground chamber than a supporting rock for the castle on top.

I believe this vision is partly self-explaining, isn’t it?  🤔 This luxurious palace on top of the mountain represents the church, sitting as a queen there (cf. Rev 18:7). This lower located Potemkin village stood for those who left the grand institutional church in order to re-establish the true church after a New Testament pattern. That might sound good at first sight. However, if these believers are not led by the Holy Spirit but by their own ideas of what God’s will might be, they cannot share the life of Christ with anyone outside the IC, either.

In closing, I offer you another extract from one of T. Austin-Sparks’ articles in which he gets straight to the point.

“What is the curse of the church today? The link and relationship of mere professors with true believers – a mixed multitude. Those who have come into the things of God, but not by new birth. They have come in along the flesh line and because they have some kind of link which is profession, they profess to believe the same things, the same God, to have the same interests. And because there is that kind of natural link, the Lord’s people have said “Oh, they are very good people, they mean well…” and they have not gone to the root of the matter as to whether they have been born from above.

“The question of new birth is a far bigger one than we recognise. The question has within its power the whole testimony of the church of God. What the devil has done has been to destroy the testimony of the sovereignty of Jesus Christ by getting in people who are not really born from above. The Lord’s people are robbed of power, and it has been the enemy’s way of destroying the testimony of the absolute pre-eminence of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a threefold natural relationship and the Lord said that this should be destroyed.

“Though it seems a hard thing to say, there is a sense in which every mere professor ought to be slain, not literally of course, but in this sense: they ought to go to the Cross and be slain and be raised together with Christ in newness of life. You have got to be hit very hard by the Cross or else the testimony is going to be ruined. The letter to the Romans was written to believers, not to the unsaved. The whole significance of the Roman letter is this. If we are going to know the life of sovereignty in the Spirit which comes in with chapter 8, we can only know it as we know the life of death in chapter 6. Dying with Christ, that is the way in.

“The message of the Cross is essential to sift out professors from possessors, pretence from reality, and it raises a very solemn and serious issue for many today. The flesh resents being crucified, resents dying. You can go a long way with a crowd of good professing Christians until you come to the question of identification with Christ as a practical thing; then there is conflict. The forces of evil are just as much lodged in mere profession as they are in utter infidels. This is one of the subtle activities of the enemy. He could not do it by downright infidelity, but gets in people who profess to be one with you, but they have never died, nor known what it is to be crucified with Christ, or had any experience of His Cross in their lives in a real way.”


We have got to come into the thing of God from above. We cannot join Christianity like we join a society or a movement. You cannot get into the things of God like that. You wonder what I mean by coming in from above? I mean that you have died, you have been buried, and now you have come in from the heavenly side, through an open heaven, by way of revelation, the revelation of Jesus Christ in your own heart. This is no earthly thing at all for you; it had its origin in heaven.

Another thing is that we should be out to get Christian men and women by way of the Cross. All this flesh business paralyses the testimony of the sovereignty because it produces something that is not heavenly. That is what is here. Have you got a profession or have you got a confession?


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