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Up to a certain extent, this post is a follow-on blog of The Cave Dweller. Not that you need to have read that other article before in order to understand where I am coming from. However, I had a follow-up vision of the area the cave dweller demon was working in. Somehow I hoped that I would not need to write it all down and to interpret it as I did not like what I saw. At all. 😔 But a few things happened lately which made me see that this vision has been another warning from God as to a specific kind of danger to be led astray by the enemy. Furthermore, this recent vision put such a heavy burden on my heart I could not get rid of until I had finished the interpretation and thus the whole article.

In this vision I found myself with God and Jesus on that beach I had seen before from a higher elevation above that pretty town which was bathing in the moonlight. From down there I could still see the illuminated cave on that mountain where the cave dweller could be found. As we were walking along the beach that was lit by a blue-gray moonlight, Jesus pointed me to a wooden double door in a sand dune that seemed to lead underground. Following Him who had just opened the door a few steps downstairs, I started to feel uneasy. It was not completely dark there in this huge subterranean room because the moon shone in from the left side. Therefore, I could detect several round natural pools filled with, most probably, ocean water. Further, there was a dim source of light beneath these pools that hardly helped recognize what was inside them… although…  🙄 What I saw was ugly, to say the least. Right in front of us you could observe numerous living beings that were slowly swimming in such a pool. Regarding their shape, obviously, they were no fish. As I could not discern them clearly, I asked Jesus about that. He immediately turned on a light from above that shone on them.

Those beings were of an inky black color. They neither had a head nor a tailfin. Instead, their rectangular form, strangely enough, somehow reminded of a book cover. The material these creatures were made of was jelly-fishlike and slimy. And what was more, they immediately tried to escape the light Jesus had turned on from above. This light was much brighter than the dim light before. As soon as they felt it, they all tried to escape quickly and huddled closely in one place of this pool. But there was no way out for them. So they stayed there crowded together, trembling out of fear, as it seemed to me. What happened next was not fun to watch, either. Jesus walked over and stopped at the other side of the pool. He grabbed one of those black slimy beings which seemed to be paralyzed as soon as His hands touched it. Holding this ‘frozen’ rectangle right before Him, He tore it top down to two pieces. Shortly afterwards He tore it horizontally, too. Then He threw those (now) four inert black rectangular pieces back into the pool. As soon as they were in water again, they started to move and swam around quickly. Looking at Jesus’ face, I felt somehow that His doing had to do with judgment.

Now I want to focus on two other parts of the vision I had seen subsequently. The first part had to do with the function those black beings appeared to have. I saw later while diving with Jesus underseas that there were two ways of how those ‘rectangles’ reached the ocean. One group of them swam in a subterranean pipe that allowed them to escape those smaller ‘prison pools’. When they reached the ocean, they seemed to be a bit confused at first, not knowing where to turn to. But then there came in another group of similar beings. In contrast, those had been hurled out of their natural pools by a strong whirlwind that had come in through the open wooden door of that subterranean room. This wind had sucked them in by carrying them high above the ocean until a certain point was reached. Due to a sudden dead calm that group of black rectangles plummeted right into the ocean. Under the surface you could see that those black rectangles who came from the left side after leaving the pipe and those who now came from the right side soon bumped into one another. Whenever two of such beings met, they were immediately melting into one being which was bigger and no longer discernible as two ‘individuals’.

This process of melting into many black and slimy clots reached its climax as ALL former beings were melded into a huge round body. Looking at it from the beach later, you could see a black island of sorts emerging from the sea. The growth of this slimy island nobody could have ever lived on stopped at a certain time, too. To my surprise, Jesus suddenly split the water that was between Him and that island. After the waters had opened a dry path from Him to the island, He also cut this spheric formation asunder in two equal pieces. These two black hemispheres soon fell apart to the left and to the right side. I felt that this phenomenon, once again, had to do with judgment.

I need to admit that I have had trouble dealing with this vision for some time because I felt no inclination to write it down. Even when I began with writing two days ago, I still struggled and would have rather dropped it all. I was repelled by so many things I saw. There would have also been another, this time four-armed, demon who was feeding a fire with a black rectangular being. It seemed to me this demon who reminded of the hunchback of Notre Dame somehow cared for those beings in their subterranean pools until they were killed in the fire or else. In fact, I could not find anything uplifting in what I saw. Almost everything dragged me down. Yesterday as I was praying in the evening (trying to forget this vision which did not work at all!), Jesus asked me whether I wanted to explore that pretty town that had been bathed in the moonlight, the town between the beach and the mountain where the cave dweller resided.

As this town appeared to have been beautiful at first sight, I agreed, yet I was not sure what to expect. Walking through another nocturnal scenery with Jesus, it seemed to me that all was calm and quiet. The streets were empty and no light but the moon was shining. However, at the end of the town there was an extraordinary building I had not seen before when we were on the mountain behind. This building looked like an ancient Greek theater with an entrance that opened toward the seaside. You could reach it after going upstairs. An extremely bright light came out of this building, though only on the front. The rest was all dark. Inside of this ‘theater’ there was a celebration going on. Many people dressed in evening attire were located on a lower level than we were. They were either dancing, talking with one another, or eating and drinking, as it seemed to me. Jesus asked me to go with Him in the middle of them who were dancing there. Arriving at the center of the crowd, it felt as if we were on another planet. Nothing was familiar to me and I did not want to get in touch with anyone but Jesus, either.

Asking Jesus about my impression, He opened my eyes so that I could see what was wrong here. Indeed, none of these human beings had a face at all!! They were moving like almost all other human beings do, yet they had no individuality whatsoever. From their clothing you could discern whether they were male or female, but that was all. When we left this building and walked around it afterwards, I hoped that sense of spiritual exhaustion I had felt might lift. However, going around this theater-like building with its three dark walls, I was shocked to detect the third side that pointed toward the sleeping city. There was a huge closed door in that dark wall on which you could see the devil’s face covering it completely. Not like a picture painted on it, rather, like a holographic, three-dimensional face. Red and black, his eyes seemed to be staring at us. ‘Oh no’.. I was so worn out, not knowing how to take all those ugly impressions. “No need to fear”, Jesus said. He showed me by opening the double door that the enemy’s face was also split in two pieces. “Touch the door yourself.” As soon as I had cautiously touched this door, I realized that the enemy’s face was only dead substance, not being able to harm anyone. Eventually, I felt relieved as all that had been so frightening before had eventually turned into nothing at the sight of Him Who rules the universe.

“For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?” (1 Pt 4:17 ESV)

This Scripture contains Peter’s question only God can answer. The whole vision I saw had to do with judgement at the house of God. Those rectangular black beings that seemed to have some life as long as they could hide in the dark represented false interpretations of the Bible. When Jesus tore one of those beings vertically into two pieces, that was an illustration for Christians separating the Old Testament from the New Testament by saying that the God of the Old Testament who seemed to be more wrathful could not be the same God who is love, represented by Jesus in the New Testament. Those modern day believers also tend to only focus on the four gospels as they see fit, leaving out all exhortations of the Book of Acts, of the letters, and of the Book of Revelation. Thus those two pieces of the Bible received another horizontal ripping by Christ, pointing to those ‘Christians’ (believers who do not have Christ’s Spirit indwelling them) who pick and choose from the Bible what they like the most (promises, blessings etc.) while keeping up their licentious lifestyle, represented by those faceless men and women who were celebrating in that ‘theater’.

Those remaining four smaller parts of the Bible after the second, horizontal splitting signified a mere worldly view of the written Word of God as the number four stands for the world. Coming in touch with Jesus’ light, those interpretations cannot hold their ground. Being ‘paralyzed’ by the truth, they need to succumb to the One Who is the Word of God incarnate (Rev 19:13). This second tearing asunder also includes the increase of false Bible translations coming from worldly-minded translators who, unknowingly or not, instill their own ideas of how God should be so that they could ‘love’ Him back – on a horizontal, that is, earthly level – without having to change anything about themselves (aka repentance). This four-armed demon eventually helps believers to destroy the Bible regarding its spiritual truth completely. Those symbols representing the Bible as mere book covers showed that there were no pages to read any longer. It was only the appearance of a book that looked similar. Such believers finally turn into unbelievers when they doubt that all Scripture was inspired by God. Therefore the cover was black as was the slimy ‘living’ being whose false life was finally destroyed by Christ through the demolition of the island, i.e., the counterfeit body of (un)believers or false brethren.

Those party-guests without individual faces in the ‘theater’ – a theater represents this-worldly views as well – were those who sacrificed their Christian identity to another one’s kingdom, the one whose face could be found on the door behind the building (I was reminded of the synagogue of Satan, cf. Rev 3:9). Those people did not follow Jesus’ command to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,” so that all other things (eating, drinking, clothing etc.) could be added to them (see Mt 6:33 ESV). Without being clothed with Christ’s righteousness by faith, even the brightest (Christian) celebration on earth cannot transcend our earthly limitations of the natural mind (the moonlight in the darkness).

I could write more than I already did. The only thing I want to add at the end is the same I mentioned in the cave dweller post. There is no need for us Christians to always blame the devil for all those many areas of deception and delusion he has been working on. For those who did not love the truth so that they could be saved,

GOD SENDS THEM A STRONG DELUSION, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (2 Thes 2:11-12 ESV – emphasis in caps added)

Whether we like it or not, we ought to realize that all this declension of Christendom has to do with God’s judgment of His own House.

All images by Susanne Schuberth 2020-2022