AN OPEN MIND – Poem by Susanne Schuberth

“The purpose of an open mind, like an open mouth, is to close on something solid.” (G.K. Chesterton)

Jesus of Nazarath (Film by Franco Zeffirelli)

Jesus of Nazareth (Film by Franco Zeffirelli)

It’s good to have an open mind
For prejudice’s not hard to find
Though men need too an open heart
To love the others worlds apart

Be it man’s race or looks or brain
His status low or wide his fame
There is one name which makes all same
Who’ll cry for Him, not ever in vain

An open mind – ex fundament
Would cloud the clearest judgement
Yet all the knowledge man can have
Means nothing in compare with love

So what will be the “best of” fashion?
To celebrate His love, His passion
Since for all mankind ‘round the globe
He offers love, and peace, and hope

Poem taken from

Susanne Schuberth’s Poetry


4 thoughts on “Basics”

  1. Spokane, your poem shows the balance between love and knowledge. His love working in us must be the motivation for our seeking knowledge for the knowledge that God wishes us to have is an intimate knowing of Him and His Son, not an endless accumulation of facts.This is why it is written, “Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies.”

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