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A Stony Saint - Banz Abbey - Bavaria (Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

A Stony Saint – Banz Abbey, Bavaria
(Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

Imagine that… You experience after a long time of restlessness, fears, doubts, and various pains deep rest that encompasses spirit, soul, and body to an extent that was not known to you before. You cannot grasp how and why it happens, but you eventually can lay back in the arms of God and let Him do what He wants to do. You only watch Him, amazed at His way of dealing with your life – and you only rest.
Suddenly someone suggests to you that in order to keep that almost perfect peace of mind, you should instead read Scripture with an open heart so that you could hear God better or sing some songs in order to not stop praising God who helped you through another trial which had been very hard for you. Why you should do these things? He says that you need to be prepared for the next trial.

Dear reader, could you imagine that such suggestions came from Satan, not from God?? They sound so holy at the first moment, don’t they, and I really read them this morning in a book from a saint who died about 600 years ago. If I followed this advice, I could be sure of losing not only peace of mind but I am also convinced that some of my fears would reappear, those that made me always think I could never “do” enough for God. It was not easy for me when I read that basically “not so bad” book to realize why I felt more and more uneasy. Although I only browsed the pages, I felt eventually repelled by its “holy-doing-for-God-centeredness”.

Brothers and sisters, I do not want to mention the name of the book and its author here since he also wrote a lot of good things as well. There is only one great concern I have right now: May we not be too easily impressed by the life stories of others saints, but rather listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice deep in our hearts who leads us all in different paths. In fact, there might be a word that is good and true for someone, which could do harm to another at the same time. May we respect God’s ways of dealing with our brothers and sisters just as He sees fit. I assume that needs a lot of patience and, perhaps, silence on our part, when we listen to God’s voice and to what others really want to tell us from their very hearts.

Much love  ❤