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Bavarian sunset (Picture by Susanne Schuberth, colors enhanced by Michael Clark)

Bavarian Sunset
(Picture by Susanne Schuberth, colors enhanced by Michael Clark)

Today I dare to point you to an article I wrote just before I began my meanwhile rather long series on discerning the spirits. Although I need to admit that those tormenting experiences I had to endure during the last weeks in order to learn more about evil spirits and how the work their way into our minds and hearts and to eventually write about it (which also meant more offenses by other Christians who did not get what I was talking of because of their unhealed triggers), I am glad I was allowed to learn these lessons and to get more and more confirmation from our loving God and Jesus that the very first voice we always perceive in our heart and mind is indeed the voice of God. His voice is so subtle, so loving, and He never forcefully tells us what to do. But Satan does! Sometimes he even uses brothers and sisters who contradict God’s voice we have sensed before and tries to get us under his control through them.

Dear brothers and sisters, if you feel very uneasy if someone pretends to speak for God, drop it and do not listen to them any longer. However, turn immediately to God and ask Him for His guidance if you are still insecure. I can assure you that He will give you all the wisdom you might need. 🙂 Finally, here is the link to the post I announced before.



In His great love for all of you,

❤ Susanne ❤