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An Uninspired Pic  (Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

An Uninspired Pic
(Photo by Susanne Schuberth)

This is one of those days when God directly has been showing me what divine inspiration is all about.

I awoke with wanting to write an article about “The Temptations of Spiritual Gurudom”. Thinking about that very issue for a certain time, I felt losing interest in it (yaaaaawn…..) and sensed God pointing me to another topic dealing with practical tips for deepening one’s prayer life.
After a few hours and some “normal” work I had to do, the prayer thing was completely gone and there was a strong rebuke on my mind regarding those who continually commit thought theft by processing ideas and spiritual content from others on the web.

And now?

If I could tell you clearly what I am going to write here, I would be happy. REALLY. Since I have no clue what to do. I have been praying for God’s wisdom and that He’ll guide me in all things whether He wants me to write something – or not.
Well, now I am sitting in front of the computer, watching the sunflowers, the poppies, and some colorful field flowers on the roof top, bending their meek heads down in a refreshing summer wind.

Ha!! That’s it – indeed!

No. I don’t believe this.
Only two minutes later and another cup of coffee (pretty much caffeine-free) beside me, I forgot what I wanted to write about. It had something to do with the behavior of flowers in the wind. Yes… but – was that it?

If you got the impression by now that I am an idiot, you might be right.  😉 Since now God nudged me to copy and paste the lyrics of a song which I changed a bit so that the texts matches my relationship with our both lovely and funny Creator.

Here you are.

Pat McCurdy – Idiot for Your Love

I’m an idiot for your love
Just an idiot for your love
I’m not the [wo]man I was
And it’s probably because
I’m an idiot for your love

I’m insensible for your love
Incomprehensible for your love
Just roll me out the door
I can’t function anymore
I’m an idiot for your love

I would cry for you
I would die for you
I would never say goodbye to you
I would reveal for you
Just how I feel for you
I would lie and cheat and steal for you!

I’m incompetent for your love
I’m insignificant for your love
You’d better cut me loose
I’m of little or no use
I’m an idiot for your love

I would cry for you
I would die for you
I’d be straight or gay or bi for you
I would reveal for you
How I feel for you
I would lie and cheat and steal for you!

Every blessing to you,

Your freaky sister Susanne


As for this “uninspired pic” I took lately (I mean the garbage can above), that was another thing God nudged me to do. I asked Him what, actually, could be interesting about the garbage can to the left of “Susanne’s Prayer Bench #1” where she often parks her bike in order to pray, eat, and drink? And yes, those orange juice boxes and cereal bar wrappers are ALL from Susanne.

God only said, “Take the pic and I’ll show you how to use it.”

And here is the interpretation of the whole thing as I see it today.

“An empty mind is something that has been stripped of its own. There is no self that could hinder God to do what He wants to do. The garbage can is our mind filled with our own ideas. And the rest – that is, ALL around it – is God’s creation filled with His ideas. So why to rely on the dead and filthy content of a ridiculously tiny garbage can?”