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Summer in the Mountains (Wallpaper)

Summer in the Mountains (Wallpaper)

It was in summer, later in the afternoon, as I was lying on my hotel bed. Not on my back, but on my side and my head was resting on my left arm. That way I was looking out of the window to the mountain top vis-à-vis for a very long time. The bottom of the mountain shone forth summer-green which was a pleasure to the eyes of the beholder. Above the gray and rugged peak a deep blue sky without any clouds spanned the earth.

The more I watched this mountain, the quieter I became. I felt that my heart beat would get slower and slower. Finally, it was so still in my heart and mind as it had never been before. Praying without words and feeling completely one with God and everything else, I kept looking at the mountain. No desire or anything that could have disturbed my mind while tasting eternity.

Suddenly there was a kind of fog that gradually ascended from the grass-green area until it had reached the cloudless, clear blue sky directly above the mountain top. Not much wind, that day. Watching that shapeless and transparent fog slowly molding into a certain frame, I needed quite some time until I started to wonder what had been happening directly before my eyes…..

As my stunned mind began to grasp what my eyes had already seen, I leaped from my bed, ran to the window, and was gazing perplexed at the final shape of this lonely cloud. Now there was NO wind at all, the picture stood still and, holding my breath, I was able to explore every detail of that cloudy creation. Nonetheless, I almost couldn’t believe what I saw: In fact, there was a three-dimensional “Susanne” as a cloud in the sky, lying on her hotel bed (I saw it like a pic in the mirror) and her head with her long hair was resting on her arm!!!

Honestly, I was really undone afterwards. Last year I shared that revelation in a chat and saved it for a probable later blog post. Here’s what the one with who I chatted said afterwards,

“Susanne, it was Him showing you how much He loves HIS wife as the Divine artist He is! Artists all paint pictures of the one they love.”

These words really hit me as a confirmation of what only my heart had known before. Indeed, that experience was one of several awesome revelations – which I hope to be able to share on here with you in the days ahead – that were forerunners of what happened immediately afterwards. If you like, you could read about some of those after-revelation-experiences in my article “The Temptation of Spiritual Gurudom”, see https://enteringthepromisedland.wordpress.com/2014/10/24/the-temptation-of-spiritual-gurudom/.